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Affi body technology targeting cancer: Imaging and therapy applications

Stefan Ståhl

Affi body technology targeting cancer: Imaging and therapy applications

AlbaNova University Center, Sweden


Stefan Ståhl is a faculty in AlbaNova University Center, Sweden.


Affi body molecules constitute a class of engineered affi nity proteins with potential in biotechnological, diagnostic and maybe also biotherapy applications. Affi body molecules are small (6.5 kDa) single domain proteins that can be isolated for high affi nity and specifi city to given protein targets. Fift een years aft er its discovery, the affi body technology is gaining use in many groups with an interest in small affi nity proteins. Th e generation and use of affi body molecules binding with high affi nity to the human epidermal growth factor receptors, EFGR, HER2 and HER3 and their use for medical imaging applications as well as eff orts towards future tumor biotherapy applications will be addressed. High contrast PET and SPECT imaging in mouse xenograft s as well as data on complete eradication of small HER2-expressing tumors in mice will be shown. Th e fi rst human studies for affi body-mediated imaging of HER2-expressing metastatic lesions in recurrent breast cancer patients will be presented. A picomolar HER3-binding affi body molecule has been generated that shows antiproliferative capacity in cell assays, and therapy applications can thus be considered. Th e small affi body molecules are also well suited for creating bispecifi c tumor targeting reagents, and our eff orts in this area will be described.

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